How to Insert Visual Content to Live Chats



As our clients become more acquainted with the application, they tend to utilize increasingly of our highlights and incorporations to enable them to accomplish considerably higher deals and showcasing ROI.

While some continuous correspondences applications incorporate a huge amount of highlights since they realize that most clients will need to concentrate on the one that works best for their business, live talk is unique.

These 3 visual specialized apparatuses are a decent place to begin since they have all been appeared to expand client satisfaction and maintenance. Additionally, you can begin utilizing them today!


Get a Screenshot

Fortunately, it couldn’t be less demanding to get a screenshot of your web guest’s screen amid a ClickDesk talk session, regardless of how you’re signed in or which visit interface you’re utilizing. Truth be told, it’s easy to the point that there are three distinctive approaches to do it:

Once in a while only one screenshot can comprehend a client issue or persuade a prompt join. Frequently the reason a client is befuddled or needs more data is on account of they require help with an online issue that you can understand quickly by observing what they’re seeing.

  • Get Screenshot Button:

This is the least demanding approach to get a screenshot from your web guest. Simply find the Get Screenshot catch underneath the content box in your talk window (alongside catches for connect sharing, record sharing, and so on.) and tap on it. It’s that straightforward!

  • Catch on Live Chats Map:

Intuitive talk outline a valuable approach to track guest action and get lead subtle elements by essentially drifting over pins on an ongoing guide. To get a screenshot when utilizing Map View in the Agent Panel, simply float over the web guest and tap on the “Get Screenshot” catch.

  • Framework Shortcut:

Successful live talk operators become more acquainted with and even include their own custom alternate ways. For screenshots, we’ve officially manufactured a framework alternate route for you. From our web talk board or even IM, you can utilize this screenshot alternate way to rapidly get a screenshot of your talk guest’s screen:/screenshot


Offer Your Screen

To make things as simple as could be allowed, we’ve constructed framework easy routes for screensharing amid live visits. We banded together with the wonderful application to influence this conceivable, so all you to require is a (free) account and an account.

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At the point when screenshots aren’t sufficient, sharing your screen progressively can illuminate client issues speedier than some other alternative. It’s additionally an extraordinary approach to demo your item’s usefulness.

Here are the alternate ways:

  • /screenshare gives you a chance to share your screen progressively. The client gets a connection in the talk gadget. When they tap on the connection, they see your screen.
  • /viewscreen gives your web guest the choice of offering their screen to you.


Begin Video Chats (Costumes Optional)

For a 1-way video talk, which is normal in current client bolster circumstances (on the off chance that you need the guest to see you, however there’s no requirement for you to see them), simply dispatch a video talk and after that advise the guest not to enable access to their web cam.

No compelling reason to introduce anything additional, simply ensure you’ve empowered video visit and that your web cam and mic are working appropriately. Specialists or web guests can dispatch a video visit with the camcorder symbol at the highest point of the talk window.

Screensharing and screenshot-sharing help to determine client issues and even up-offer items and administrations. Video visit, then again, is perfect for establishing a long term connection from live talks (particularly in case you’re wearing a Halloween outfit and the client on the flip side of the talk is as well! Be that as it may, don’t stress, outfits aren’t required).

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