What is Sigmachat ?

Sigmachat  helps you interact with your website visitors in multiple ways
Live Chat, Helpdesk, Voice and Social

‘Sigmachat’ was built keeping these principles in mind. We are glad to offer our customers a great Web 2.0, cloud-based service integrating with your present setup without requiring any new installations. We are a 20+ member self-funded (profitable) company based in Silicon Valley offering live-chat service to companies in all parts of the world.

We started off by searching for an integrated support service – live support chat software with the ability to receive phone calls from visitors instantly and that runs on cloud (cloud hosted). The hosted services we found were not built for cloud and weren’t using the latest Web 2.0 technologies. Others were just stand alone desktop applications.

Hosted in Google and Amazon cloud with backups in Singapore and Ireland, we are glad to offer our customers a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Sigmachat integrates with your existing IMs (gTalk, Skype and more) allowing you to answer your live chats and calls on your desktop or mobile reliably.

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