5 Points to Get Your Clients

Content advertising gives noteworthy incentive to your organization’s customer on a few fronts, from mark attention to transformation proportion. It’s reasonable your customers are utilizing content in some limit as of now — truth be told, Demand Metric reports 90 percent of organizations are utilizing content for promoting. Be that as it may, they might not have a formal substance promoting technique. These customers, alongside the 10% who aren’t utilizing content showcasing by any means, furnish you with an astounding chance to kick them off with a substance promoting procedure.

Each industry can give content advertising something to do, regardless of whether it’s a cutting edge firm utilizing white papers and ebooks to position themselves as an idea pioneer, or a cupcake creator clarifying the beginnings of his or her fixings. So how would you offer your customers on content advertising?

  1. Content Marketing Drives Qualified Leads

    In most cases, your clients want to use marketing efforts to bring in more leads and identify valuable opportunities for the sales team. Many prospects end up going through over half the purchase decision-making process before reaching out directly to the company, according to Executive Board. Where are they getting their information before they make direct contact with the client’s brand? Sell your client on controlling the information available for pre-sale marketing, instead of allowing them to consider third-party review sites, their social network, and competitor sites as their only sources for information. After marketing passes qualified leads off to sales, the sales department can also use these resources to answer questions, help the customer imagine the client’s product or service in their life, and close the deal.

  2. Content Marketing Helps Build a Brand

    Content marketing also improves brand awareness and industry authority for your clients. Who’s going to look more reputable to a consumer: a company that simply posts about its products and services, or a company that blogs about industry trends, offers an ebook, and publishes thoughtful content on industry issues? Explain how added visibility throughout the industry benefits your client, especially if the company wants to position itself as a thought leader. Establishing industry authority is particularly useful if the client wants to run in-person events, such as user conferences or other forms of event marketing.

  3. Nurture Customer Relationships

    Today’s marketing strategies can’t rely on a “one and done” strategy, as a competitor with a newer, shinier option is always out there. Winning customers over and over again is an essential part of business growth, and content marketing gives your clients a way to provide their audience with useful content to continue building the relationship. Content marketing can also include personalized marketing, which caters to the preferences established through previous engagement with existing customers.

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  4. Content Marketing Is Cost-Effective

    The average content marketing budget costs $379,600, or approximately 26 percent of a company’s total marketing budget. While it might sound like a large number to your clients, explain the ROI breakdown and how it compares to other types of marketing efforts, such as paid search. These numbers may vary depending on your target industry, and whether they’re B2C or B2B focused, but content marketing generally leads the way in cost effectiveness. Demand Metric reports the average content marketing campaign costs 62 percent less than other forms of marketing, resulting in a significant cost savings and higher volume of lead generation.

  5. Customers Appreciate Custom Content

    Personalized content is another big trend in the content marketing world, and one your clients may not be using to its best effect. Monetate found a 20 percent increase in sales between companies using personalized content and those who use the same set of content across the website. Personalized content delivers a more relevant customer experience which leverages other business intelligence your client collects throughout the marketing funnel and sales pipeline.

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